2015 – Let’s make some noise! & Cairo Road’s new cherry trees

Well done everyone! 25 of us met today and learned the George Dunn, Sugar, Gower wassails and the “famous” one with no nick-name: “Here we come a wassailing”. We performed downstairs in the Nags Head pub, around BEE17’s wonderful beehives and bonfire, in the Village pub, on Cairo Road – the newly planted pavement cherry trees and a local home – and then finished off at the Folk Club at the Rose and Crown on Hoe Street. A joyful evening – thank you to all participants for spending your Sunday wassailing, and to everyone who welcomed us to your E17 spaces. If you have photos or videos you’d like to share, do post them here, or on the Facebook site. Waes hael! 

Family Wassail – Saturday 10th January, 1.30 – 4pm; starting Vestry House Museum, ending Wingfield Park playground

Wassail in parts – Sunday 11th January, 2 – 8pm; starting Nags Head pub, ending Ye Olde Rose and Crown pub; confident and experienced wassailers who know the songs already can join us at 4pm, upstairs at the Nags Head

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