Welcome to the Walthamstow Wassail :-)

wassail-detailsThis year’s theme is the Guardians of the Orchard, and specifically Robin Redbreast. The Family Wassail will be making Robin costumes for a parade along Orford Road, bringing best wishes for 2017 to everyone around. Traditionally, Robin Redbreast was seen as a protector of the Apple Orchards during the long winter months, and he is celebrated in the Jacobstowe Wassail, which the adults will learn in the Parts workshop, before performing it and other wassail songs at the Nags Head, Bee17 and venues along Orford Road, spreading best wishes for the coming year.

Both wassails start at Vestry House Museum, and we’ll be joining together at 3pm in the Museum garden to bless the mature apple trees. After that we’ll parade along Orford Road, finishing the Family Wassail at Froth & Rind. The “grown up” wassail will continue learning songs in parts, ready for an evening of singing at the Nags Head, BEE17 , and other venues on Orford Road, before ending at Walthamstow Folk Club at the Rose and Crown on Hoe Street.