family Wassail 2015

See photos of the Family Walthamstow Wassail 2015. We met at The Vestry House Museum, learnt Wassail songs with Lucy, crafted a bell shaker, or Blowsoon, or, Bangourine with Scribble and Smudge. Then Wassailed to the apple tree in the museum garden and set off to Wassail through Walthamstow Village. Wishing the best crop to come for a mulberry tree, where we drank Wassail drinks donated by our host. Then the dragon at Wingfield park . Thankyou to all who took part on Saturday. You all made some beautifully noisy instruments. Thankyou to the museum, Kerry, The Friends of Wingfield park and The Walthamstow Village association for supporting and taking part in the Family Wassail this year. Enjoy the photos!

P1000174 P1000175 P1000169 P1000162 P1000163 P1000161 P1000160 P1000143 P1000146 P1000147 P1000145 P1000153 P1000134 P1000130 P1000119 P1000116 P1000064 P1000087 P1000103 P1000105 P1000110 P1000182 P1000181 P1000170 P1000171 P1000176 P1000168 P1000167 P1000166 P1000165 P1000164 P1000151 P1000154 P1000155 P1000156 P1000157 P1000140 P1000142 P1000148 P1000149 P1000150 P1000132 P1000133 P1000135 P1000137 P1000139 P1000117 P1000118 P1000120 P1000122 P1000123 P1000099 P1000100 P1000102 P1000107 P1000113 P1000094 P1000095 P1000096 P1000097 P1000098 P1000089 P1000090 P1000091 P1000092 P1000093 P1000078 P1000079 P1000085 P1000086 P1000088 P1000061 P1000063 P1000070 P1000075 P1000077 P1000079 P1000077 P1000067 P1000066 P1000064

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